Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Currants - Debunking The Mystique

I like to think that I know a decent amount about all things kitchen for a man my age. However, I fell victim the other day to a classic marketing ploy: the currant. You may have seen these at your local boutique bakery on a scone or perhaps in the grocery store next to the raisins and dried cranberries. Currant! What a lovely name. So exotic and tangy sounding! Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret so you don’t make the same mistake I did if you ever find yourself being tempted by these little Sirens at the grocery store.

Currants = Cute, Little Raisins.

Seriously. No extra tang whatsoever.

My work is done here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

American Flyers - I Salute You

It's pretty well documented that I love the movie American Flyers. It encompasses everything I need in my life: love, sport, humor, Kevin Costner in spandex to name a few. Yes, the movie is dated a bit being produced over 20 years ago but many of the themes running throughout the plot are still valid today, such as USA vs. Russia and the adult male desire to wear shorts above the knee.

Seriously though, the movie is chock full of one-liners, quotable scenes and great overall moments. If you find yourself in the mood for an 80's movie then pick this up (it sells for around $5). I bought my two copies many years ago and can look back on my acquisition as one of my smartest investments to date. And in case you're wondering why I own two copies, I look at it like a game of tennis where you bring two rackets to the court at all times. In the event that you break a string on your first one you'll have an identical backup that will allow you to continue your match. I haven't had to use my second copy of American Flyers yet, but when the time comes I know that I'll be able to watch the film in its entirety with only a brief interruption.

Anyhow, to commemorate my love for this movie I've put together a couple thematic montages. The first (below) deals with the brotherly-love undercurrent that exists between Marcus and David and the overall feel-goodness of the movie. One, might not expect such a sensitive side to a high octane sports movie but it's there! See, it's even a great date movie!

Side note: there are a few words scattered in the videos that make them more suitable for home viewing...don't say I didn't warn you.

The second montage (shown at bottom) focuses on the intense competition and fierce emotion that is really the glue binding this movie together. Much like the first stage of a rocket launch, it's the competition that takes this movie to the upper echelon of cinematic greatness. I mean, it really doesn't get much better than Cold War Cycling, does it?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ahhh, spring is in the air. Can you smell it? Can you hear it?! Birds chirping again; buds starting to take a peek outside and see if it’s safe to open up for the season. It’s wonderful!

Now before I get too deep into this whole spring-is-great emotional moment I must admit, spring hasn’t quite made it to Anchorage just yet. There’s still some lingering snow on the ground, albeit patchy snow, and the temperature is barely topping 40 at it’s highest of highs. But spring is just the image I need to make an exciting announcement!

See, spring is about new life. It’s about organic matter growing again after the dead of winter leaves us. It’s about making it through another year stronger and more experienced than the last...and growing because of it. Grow. Grow! GROW!!

So, the announcement. Do you sense a theme??

I’m growing a mustache again!!! Much to Mary’s chagrin, I’ve decided to see if 2009’s upper lip follicles can top last year’s class (not a tough feat by any means)!

As such, I will be adding a lip status indicator on the right hand side of my blog, which to the nay-sayers out there is aptly named again. There you will be able to see what my upper lip looks like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I know, just what you needed.